Mickey Callisto is a shining star on ‘Lost in Space’

Sometimes, when you’re listening to a song, and it’s really good, you can feel a little bit like you’re lost in space. When it has just the right amount of synths, your bedroom can feel like the outer-edges of the galaxy – you can feel like you’re drifting through the stars. That’s exactly what Mickey Callisto’s synth-driven new single (aptly titled ‘Lost in Space’) sounds like. It’s dreamy as anything, and feels timeless – if you’d told me this song came out in 1983, instead of 2023, I’d probably have believed you.

Callisto’s operatic background is evident on this track – there’s a bit of a Freddie Mercury element to his vocals, which, of course, only adds to the dreaminess of it. The composition, though, is slightly more modern. On the whole, it sounds a bit like Tame Impala collaborated with Queen in some rift in the space-time continuum.

‘Lost in Space’ fits in nicely with Callisto’s other work. His most popular track, ‘Destructive Love’, which was released in 2021, has a similar sound, and it seems like Callisto has found his niche. He’s clearly comfortable in his style, and the tracks he’s been putting out reflect that – ‘Lost in Space’ is truly excellent.

Five stars (no pun intended).

Words: Rosie Smith // Photo: Luke Bryant

‘Lost in Space’ is taken from Mickey Callisto’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Homospace’, due to be released November 17th. Stream the track below.

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