nudista work through growing pains on new track ‘Different Eyes’

London alt-folk duo nudista have released their new track ‘Different Eyes’ on Sad Club Records.

The track sees singer Robbie Carman questioning his beliefs and confronting the changes he has gone through while growing up, making it a coming of age song with influences from Elliott Smith, Wednesday and Aimee Mann. 

Pilar Matji Cabello comes in on the second verse, acting as “that little inner voice that tries to convince you that it’s the world that’s wrong rather than yourself”, as the band describe.

“The song is describing a distrust of my own narrative. A gradual realisation that I have outgrown some previously held opinions about myself and world views, and the struggle of letting those go” Robbie explains.

The track is relatable in its themes and the steely guitar riffs and harmonising vocals make it an easy listen. The sadness Robbie describes is oddly heartwarming; you can tell he has come out on the other side and is simply remembering the feeling. The doubt that is left takes the form of Pilar’s voice. 

This is one to keep in your back pocket, for days when you feel a little lost and need to feel less alone.

Words: Clara Bullock

‘Different Eyes’ is out now via Sad Club Records. Stream and purchase the track here.

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