My Idea’s new single ‘Crutch’ will soundtrack your dreams

Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos create amidst chaos; at least that’s what they say. The duo from Brooklyn started releasing music last year, prompted by — according to the pair — their lives spiralling out of control, as well as ‘a bunch of other chaos’. This latest single however seems far from that turmoil. In fact, it’s almost as though it is floating high above it.

‘Crutch’ begins as it means to go on; rhythmic acoustic guitars, paired wonderfully with marimba and electric guitar, match each other melodically. Once Konigsberg comes in, the song’s intent becomes clear. She sings vaguely of being sorry about ‘that stuff’, and it not really mattering, because the recipient of her apology is her crutch. It’s a relatable sentiment, that grows as the narrative does. ‘Silence, sadness, pain; gladness, I’m into all that stuff’. The song breezes past, but it is no less memorable for its runtime.

My Idea’s sound is much more refined this time round, falling into the category of soft, indie bops. It will be interesting to see whether the rest of their new album will take the same direction, or whether this is an outlier in the track listing. Whatever the outcome, My Idea remain a fantastic group, with a dreamy sound, and ‘Crutch’ is well worth your time; all 2 minutes of it.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photo: OK McCausland

‘Crutch’ is out now via Hardly Art. Stream the track and pre-order the album ‘CRY MFER’, out April 22nd, via Bandcamp.

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