Weird Nightmare pack a punch with debut single ‘Searching for You’

METZ frontman, Alex Edkins, strikes out on his own with his new project Weird Nightmare, bringing all the fire, power and nuance he manifests with his band on a more stripped back level. Signing with Sub Pop, home to his own band among a host of others, Weird Nightmare will release a debut LP later this year, with ‘Searching for You’ being an astonishing single that brings hope for an excellent full length album.

Featuring an insanely catchy yet simple riff, the single harks back to the 70s punk glory days whilst updating the sound with a fresh perspective. The track starts out with a staple of contemporary music, an electronic drum machine, to then burst into an optimistic running guitar and bass riff. As the vocals come in with a melodic yet talkative style, it’s easy to be reminded of artists such as Iggy Pop and the Ramones who cleverly hide their vocals with a barrage of fast-paced rock noise to emphasise certain musical phrases.

Weird Nightmare masters this with the words ‘searching for you’ coming out again and again over any other lyrics, showcasing a talent for a raw 70s sound whilst using modern technology and soundscapes as a backdrop. Bringing nostalgia and pure upbeat happiness with DIY punk noise is a very enticing concept in today’s music scene and, with this smashing debut single, we here at Wax cannot wait to hear more from Weird Nightmare and Alex Edkins.

Words: Ruth Alexander // Photo: Ryan Thompson

‘Searching for You’ is out now via Sub Pop. Stream and purchase the track via Bandcamp.

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