The Queen’s Head invite you to lose control in their self-titled debut

The band formerly known as The Bulletproof Bomb have resurfaced in their latest and truest form, The Queen’s Head, and what better way to debut this resurgence than with a self-titled single. In this new venture, we see the band trade out their indie roots for vigorous melodies and socio-political lyricism. With a residency at The Windmill Brixton in their arsenal, the London five-piece have quickly built a reputation for their infectious energy and admirable presence. 

Gaining its name from a myriad of UK pubs, this track is a theme tune for the modern anxieties of pub-dwelling punters and the highs and lows of casual hedonism. After all, to quote the band themselves: “Where does Britain take its sadness, if not the pub?”

From post-punk to modern dance, this impressive band has seamlessly blended the elements in a verse-chorus paradigm. The four-to-the-floor disco beat engulfed in synth swells and glitchy, electronic artifacts is a credit to the aforementioned genres. However, what really strikes me about this track is the guitar hook and its power to elicit nostalgia. The pattern is somewhat evocative of New Order’s semiquaver kick drum on ‘Blue Monday’. This detail alone compels you to dance, and if you’re not moving already, then the gravelly bellow of the vocals will simply demand that you do.

There is just something about this band that I cannot shake. They are one of the most exciting bands emerging on the London circuit and it comes as no surprise that they are already catching the attention of industry tastemakers. We have barely scratched the surface of what they are capable of and this glimpse into their new world has only left us wanting more. So, fancy a pint at The Queen’s Head? I know I do.

Words: Amber Jones // Photo: Chloe Gilbert

‘The Queen’s Head’ is out now. Watch the video below.

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