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Before exhibiting her dream-inducing temperament and naturally curious wonder in songwriting with Penelope Isles, Lily Wolter indulged in her creative penchants with a versatile and solitary outlet that tinkled with warmth and idiosyncrasy. Kookie Lou originally acted as a chapter-turning bridge between her time within Your Gold Teeth, a group that crafted melodious soundscapes on the Isle of Mann and the enveloping harmonies of Penelope Isles, a group settled within the promenade lights of Brighton city yet couldn’t more away from it in sense of scope. Now revealing the projects return with a new EP in ‘Salt’, Wolter brings the ever progressive nature of her songwriting foundations built from her different projects, channeling them into a comfortably sincere place of striking occurrence.

What continues to rise from within Wolter’s music is that sense of positive wondrousness, ‘Salt’ a patient, considered foundation that carefully unveils a worldly innocence thats searching from within its very nature. ‘I should hate the sky / Because I can not reach the top // I should hate the sea / Because I cannot breathe on the inside” As nurtured, finger-picked guitar and transient keys flicker amongst Wolter’s soft voice, the boldness of her intentions and hopes become more intelligible, a lingering poignance figuring in a sense of growth and understanding.

The hopes and dreams of youth embody the outlay of ‘Airport Song‘, Wolter capturing the most detailed of moments like they were yesterdays events and building them around the touching sentiments of wallowing yet warm synths. As also evidenced on ‘Comfortably Swell”s wonderful ‘Apple Juice‘, her songs act not only as little notions of memory that are poignant and yearning but hint at what could be ahead, so unknowing and unpredictable but met with a sense of eagerness that brings pleasing ambition.

Salt‘ has the character of a treasured, lost gem – humble and unobtrusive yet oh so welcoming once found. Kookie Lou’s new release is further confirmation of Wolter’s wonderful ability in craft.

‘Salt’ is available now ~ stream and listen below.

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