The Red Cords’ New Track Finds Liberation In A Single Minute

red cords 7

What’s always been so damn great about Falmouth punks The Red Cords is that, in their defiantly short punk songs, they throw everything including the kitchen sink into it and still manage to make it sound brazen, rememberable and vitally trashy. The way in which Murph’s guitar sounds like its strings are about to strangle him is worringly infectious, and when it coerces with the incredulously melodic rhythms of the Cleave brothers you could almost imagine them packing the van and riding that line for the rest of time, never finding the need to return. 

That bark of Murph’s, which finds a middle between exacerbation and damn near liberation, has particularly defined this 7″ – a sharp dynamic that’s grown from within the energy of their music, but what’s most notable is the pop song within. The reason ‘Bad Moon Brain’ stands out is cause it’s an assured anthem, one that rids itself of the mindful anxiety and anarchy of it’s other side and literally shreds, just as it was made to.

‘Bad Moon Brain’ is available to stream for the first time at Wax Music. Their ‘Nerve Centre’ 7″ is available from April 22nd via Nerve Centre. Listen below and be awakened.


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