‘B TO A’


Career are a cynical bunch. Their blatant and astute post-punk songs won’t be found turning back the clock and spending a bit of time heralding the memory of cult icons past. It’s a contemporary issue, one that sparks an identity of a personality living in, yes, the modern mundanity of the situation. Now without heading down the truly dark and desolate tunnels of such intense thematic catalogues, Career lark around in a more facetious manner in a totally needed way. Returning this month with new EP ‘B to A’, the London four-piece draw their self-depreciating paintings all across the five spare canvasses on offer here, with suitably vibrant results.

Masterless Magic‘ is an interesting example to start within such a puzzle. A wiry, driving occurrence that defines the jesting, restless character of the rest of the EP, the closing track almost surprisingly hints at a natural notion of optimism. Upon return listening its realised that while it’s an obviously sceptical listen, the outcome of which Career are attempting to achieve is one of actual honesty – so while most will find it easy to define laying in the gutter overwhelmed by the banality of it all, Career want to essentially delineate something a bit more personally truthful, whether it empowers or not. ‘Back To Making Friends‘ expresses the pretty spot on inclination that no one really knows how to be friends with each other anymore, and question in the long and short of it are we really that up for spending the time putting the effort in the first place. It’s delivered with an element of punk flippancy but with an actually serious undercurrent, ‘Black Sack‘ delivering a perversely mellifluous chorus for the thematic perception of a failing relationship. For as much stark conviction as this group deliver with, it’s definition is precise and sharp, a circumstantial record that thrives in delivering with a little more clarity and unambiguity.

‘B To A’ is the new EP from Career, self-released and available now from the group’s Bandcamp. You can listen to ‘B To A‘ below. The group are supporting Omni at a 1% of One show this Thursday (16th) in Bristol at The Grain Barge – find the event here.

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