(‘DEAD BEAT’ EP – SUPER FAN 99 – 24/2)

Matthew Oliver has traced a significantly ponderous path through his time as Goddam Nobody – forming loose, flowing rhythms around his growing understanding of living and its many pitfalls – and in doing so the London native has found himself a personal purpose within the unforeseeable notions of existence. Because of Oliver’s strikingly direct and forthright wordplay, its engagingly pertinent – new single ‘Dead Beat‘, the title track from his third forthcoming EP, cementing this impression – a dispirited adventure of finding individual intent amongst constriction.

Amongst chiming, trebled guitars and a wanton rhythm, Oliver sets out a languid tale of disorientation – rather than set against a melancholic atmosphere, it’s a balanced sentiment, not one of indifference but perhaps of a still unwavering hope. Oliver’s voice remains wonderfully perspicuous, a tendency that has thankfully remained since 2015’s ‘No Lust For Life‘ and continues to provide a unclouded view into the mind of an individual trying to find their feet. “I’m doing laps of the city to see if I can figure things out / but nothing here seems clear to me / I’m just this quivering sound“. Amongst the busy streets and boroughs of the capital, Goddam Nobody may stand as a single voice amongst the dredge, but one that can instil some act of community in reliable empathy.

Dead Beat‘ EP is available from February 24 via Super Fan 99 – listen to ‘Dead Beat‘ below.




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