Slopers are our favourite sort of punks – the kind that are rockin’, damn catchy and engaged whilst also not afraid to write personally about the everyday that’s going on right in front of them. The Chicago pair’s first release ‘Demo‘ arrived last June and gave an early indication of what was ahead – quick fire punk jabs that rattled with hooks and shouted one-twos even under the raw layers left by basement recording – it was a damn fun way of thinking about how we hadn’t done any work in four weeks and it made it ok to not really care. Now back six odd months later with an even bigger spring in their step – this self-titled record is packed with twanging rock n roll support.

It’s all immediately evident on returning track ‘Urban Champ‘, the most spirited song about feeling like shit so going out to the break of dawn and not giving a crap either, cause there is just not enough time for it. Bolstered by the duo hurdling straight into their kick drum like it’s braced for such continuous impact – there is so much liberation in the way they fill a space, full of reckless abandon, fervour and irrefutable sentiment. They surprisingly  ease all those elements into their more melodically-tender moments also, ‘Talking’ a 60s blessed melody with all the spit left on the curb and ‘I Don’t Go Outside‘ just an anthem for staying in your room cause everything else pretty much sucks right now.

Its all pegged together cause of their hooks, a rush of hashed melodies and the duo’s responsive harmonies that are ten times better than they are making them out to be. If in need of something to kick out to, keep returning to ‘Slopers‘.

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