Brace yourselves – Dr Chan have the record 2017 needs to shake off the dregs of last years utter shit storm, put a drink in your hand and remind you there’s always tomorrow to not give a crap about. ‘Southside Suicide‘ – the French band’s new record and first for Bristol’s Stolen Body Records – is as raucous and demanding as they come, an ear blending combination of guitar-wrenching garage punk and hip-breaking rock n roll. As a small gesture of an introduction, they’ve shared ‘BLANnnK$$$ (Bloody No$e)‘, the bands unadulterated assertion that they are more like to rip the page than turn it.

Like a deranged rock n roll horror show played out in a dingy European bar on the outskirts of town with a single swinging light for clarity, Dr Chan manage brilliantly to inject some twanging hooks into a pretty intemperate three minutes of punk. The guitars oscillate as vehemently as the uncompromisingly deft drumming, all while the uncultivated, bruising lead vocal doesn’t command adulation – it couldn’t care about anything less. Set to tour later in the year across Europe and hopefully through the UK, expect the group to bless you the next day not only with a new found penchant for quitting work but kicking a desk on your way out the door.

Southside Suicide‘ is released 24th February through Stolen Body Records – listen to ‘BLANnnK$$$ (Bloody No$e)‘ below.

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