Upon the recording and proceeding live tour of Cate Le Bon’s fantastic full-length ‘Crab Days‘ last year – Josiah Steinbrick, producer of the record, formed Banana – an open association of friends who would be the opening act and backing band on Le Bon’s tour. The group – formed of Steinbrick, Le Bon, Stephen Black, Huw Evans, Josh Klinghoffer and Stella Mozgawa – would go on to create ‘Banana Live‘, an explorative record that is now introduced by its third track, ‘Banana C‘.

Banana C‘ is dexterous and uncompromising whilst being wonderfully accessible – the chorus of vibraphones build a course of natural seamlessness as horns and piano find excess in freedom, bouncing in all manner of pathways that are wonderfully pleasant in their independence. The richness of each instrument is evident, each member able to cast an idiosyncratic spell across the composition that once compiled finds an untouchable balance of consideration as a group and the availability they have to craft in solitude. As displayed on ‘Banana C‘, Steinbrick and his group explained their purpose in attempting to explore with consideration of Modal and perhaps non-western traditional measures and they manage to do so whilst creating with an identifiable autonomy – a liberating factor that makes the project even more special.

Banana Live‘ is available from 27th January via Leaving Records.


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