Bit of a stomper of a list this week. Calling in with 4-wheels, pizza, flunking off school and just a little “kokoro“, TOTP takes a spin and parks up in the dirtier side of garage. Oh, and there is this Traams track, which has physically destroyed us all. Enjoy.


Gary With A Circle Around The ‘A’ – ‘Used Cars

While also a member of those mozzarella rebels Personal and The Pizzas (listen to their own personal brand of thick scuzz below) Gary With A Circle Around The ‘A’ brings his own sense of anarchy through his hot rod wheels and honkey-tonk muscle cool. ‘Used Cars‘ smashes the blues with a heavy hammer of anxious inadequacy as he sells his love at another Thursday night at Shakey’s.  While too oiled up to be boogie, they don’t half tap a beat out.

(Ross Jones – @WaxMusicUK)

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nancy pants.jpg

Nancy Pants – ‘Kokoro

Kokoro, perhaps suitably in such context, translates eloquently as “heart”. In Nancy Pants’ terms, they have such as they channel driven distortion over flutters of orchestral fortitude, as wonderfully adventurous voices question whether they are ready to give in to such tender admittance. “Do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna go?” calls Ohara with justice, as the question lingers open ended for all to answer in our own minds.


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personal pizzas.jpg

Personal and The Pizzas – ‘Diet, Crime & Delinquency

 Collecting all their righteously rare, sold-out 7″s into a smash hits smorgasbord of helicopters out punk n roll for Slovenly – those damn pizzas cement a time. ‘Diet, Crime & Delinquency‘ is as much of a excerpt from the bible of the damned as, well, as a punk song really can be. 2 minutes 35 of solid rebellion as Personal gets it all out before Joanie turns his head.


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Los Chicos – ‘I Don’t Want to Learn Anymore

Veteran Madrid punks Los Chicos have been bringing this sort of shit-flinging two finger display of rock n roll for over a decade and a half now, and with ‘I Don’t Want To Learn Anymore‘ seem to not have lost any of their pure exuberance.  It’s sheer upbeat nature is uncomplicated and ticking with melody.


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shop talk.jpg

Shop Talk – ‘Givin’ Back

Presenting an anxious, intelligent vial of rough around the edges punk – Brooklyn Trio Shop Talk are incensed but triumph in their smart, to the point diatribes and riving hooks. ‘Givin Back’ is a more controlled proposition to a lot of their new record but still leaves you reeling, dark in persuasion.


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TRAAMS – ‘A House On Fire


(Henry Young – @Henryoung)

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