Nate Wagner is a New Jersey native currently travelling across Europe, residing in Germany and travelling the lengths of Finland during the summer months. ‘Lord Bendter‘ – his fantastically titled new project – embodies the feeling of uncertainty in leaving and the journey into the unknown Wagner undertakes. 

Having previously put his creative energies into Leaaves and An Occasion for Balloons, Lord Bendter carries an air of adolescent excitement for what unknown approaches and the weight of melancholy of cutting ties within it’s woozy dream-pop. ‘Carefully‘, the suitable opening lament from the EP, is a fragmented and disorientating track that weathers a calming spirit.

The power of icy synthetics traipsing across lethargic acoustics is underrated, Wagner reaching high pitches of release as his fragility reveals itself across the colliding emotions.  Wagner is subtle and careful in how much he reveals, happy to divulge in placating ambience to express his narrative.

Lord Bendter’ – the self-titled EP is out now through Z Tapes – listen to ‘Carefully‘ below.

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