Canadian guitar pop crooner Harley Alexander has returned! Having travelled across his native country from Nova Scotia to Quebec to record in his nana’s chalet, Alexander is now following up his Wax Music Albums of 2015 featured ‘Gold Shirt‘ by releasing a new record next week – titled ‘Harland‘ – through Sports Day Records

Built on sultry percussion shakers and Harley’s perusing guitar, new single ‘Staring At Photographs‘ is a tender examination on independence and heartbreak, symbolising an emotional journey as much as a physical one.

Harland‘s tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Harland
  2. No More Getting High
  3. I’m Numb… Why??
  4. Out On The Lake
  5. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much love
  6. Staring At Photographs
  7. Time
  8. Reefer Bill

Harland‘ is available through Sports Day Records on the 22nd July. Listen to ‘Staring At Photographs‘ below.


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