Having released work solitarily under the previous guise of Cosmic 420 – in the sparing shape of digital uploads and make-shift youtube videos – Josh Spencer-Fletcher has unveiled a new manner of presentation in the form of Harley. Sharing a self-titled EP (released today on his birthday) the musician delivers a compact release of enveloping ideas with eclectic components.

The release induces an evident feeling of sentimental longing and it’s confining influence – Spencer-Fletcher reminiscing on lost love through the light-headed resonance of hooks that match with the lethargic melancholy of the verse. “It’s funny actually, I was seeing a girl when I wrote the songs and I really didn’t have any reason to be writing about lost love or anything,” he explained when discussing the thematics of the EP – “We stopped seeing each other or broke up or whatever you wanna call it about a month after I made it and all the songs suddenly had meaning to me and how I felt. Like somehow I’d prepared myself a little break up album to wallow in.” It comes across in the softly pained delivery of ‘Cig 234‘ & ‘Goodbye‘- mind overran and ultimately drained.

The subtle use of electronics and beats that artfully appear with tranquility under the raw guitar at play add an air of mystique – an element of enjoyed liberation from classification. “When it comes to making my music I never really think about it. I listen to a lot of different genres – mostly rap and probably least of all guitar bands. If that means it’s hard to classify that’s great, I don’t want anyone putting me in a box.

Harley‘ is available now – listen to the release, which is premiering on Wax Music, below.

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