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2015 has been a year of subtle blossoming, for us at Wax and in music overall. A year of travelling (End of The Road & Incubate, we salute you) has allowed us the opportunities to watch some of our favourite bands develop into household names – ones, much like us, that are all growing up.

Best Friends and Nai Harvest both released more than stellar records this year, ‘Hairball‘ and ‘Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane‘ arriving, as we suspected, as full-bodied LPs rich with precocious energy and perceptive attitude. Whilst touring heavily of the back of these records, together they’ve also had the drive to create Delicious Clam, their own community record label and studio based in their haunts of Sheffield. The label has grown significantly, this year alone treating us to some of our favourite releases from Fruit Bomb, Avida Dollars, Thee Mightees and more.

Art Is Hard took over Bristol in August to celebrate five years of being one of the best independents in the country. Joined by friends and fans alike, the gig was a triumph, displaying the labels drive to succeed and their ability to find music that not just suited listeners, but most importantly themselves, never losing sight of the values they began with. The Hand Cut Record Club is just a small example of their ever-developing innovative approach and commitment to finding previously unheard music.

Spectres released ‘Dying‘ this year, and there’s not a lot more we can say apart from it blew our minds. Their year has been a non-stop blur of touring, all the while standing by every single thing they believe in and being the only ones to fight against the capitalist conformity in the music industry, something perhaps we all should start considering.

This all brings us to Wax and what lies ahead, for now 2016 is but a small fragment in the back of our minds, we are not done with this year quite yet. It gives us great pleasure to announce Wax Music’s Second Birthday show, set to take place on Friday, 4th December 2015, at Beerwolf Books in Falmouth.

Last year’s party went above and beyond everything we could’ve expected from it, to be able to celebrate the music that came from 2014 with you all was a pleasure, and we couldn’t comprehend not doing that again this year. This year’s show will be bigger, longer, and overall a lot more spankier. The show will kick off at 4pm (doors at 3.30) and will run as one big party for the evening, Beerwolf kindly allowing us the chance to recreate last years two stages, along with even more on offer.

So to the line-up. This years provides a combination of everything we love – energy, passion, fun and sentiment. Each of these bands and artists have blown us away in 2015, and it is a pleasure to be able to bring them to you.




We are not worthy. Manchester’s Garage Punk veterans who this year released two LPs of equal fascination, the long-lost ‘Sounds We Found‘ and the almighty ‘Maximum Growth and Vigour‘. Having been as bratty and brilliant as they have for the past fourteen years, The Hipshakes have become masters of the rattle n’ roll, delivering unkempt pop hits that will without question bring the party.


On the 5694th day, Lost Dawn came down from the mountains, and everything was clear and vivid. ‘Fever’ the new EP from The Duke, Dreg and McConkey, is a fundamental listen for anyone that likes their rock n’ roll cut to the wire. Like a warm cuddle of melodies slowly enveloping every feeling in your body, moving your feet without your willing, before you know it you are drenched in red wine and on the back of a Harley. Fear and loathing never felt so sweet.


The trio who have been with us since the beginning. The Red Cords are gifting us with their new EP, ‘Vile Guy’, this month and remain, for us, the complete embodiment of a good time. Rough and ready Garage with more melodic progression than you can shake a stick at, The Cords time and again come to perfectly define the energy and passion which we value in such high stead.


If his encompassing set last year wasn’t enough, this year Matt Oliver had to release one of, if not the, best EPs of the year in ‘No Lust For Life‘.  A truely succinct mix of undeniably catchy progressions and relatable lyricism, Oliver captured a host of more than familiar notions and delivered with such clarity that no one could ignore. With a full-band behind him once again this year, Oliver will bring the EP to the live setting, to amaze even more listeners with his clinical approach.


KEESQ, NKEES, ANKEES, PANKEES, SPANKAAAAAAAAAYS. Look no further, these punks have it all. Untamed Garage-Punk that has stayed true to it’s melodic leanings and lo-fi attitude. The one band that will give you belief that everything isn’t that bad after all. The Spankees provide untempered ebullience that cannot be ignored.


Originally hazy, tender fragments that stemmed from the mind of Sam Stacpoole, over the past couple years Holiday Ghosts has grown into a fully fledged outfit, Charlie Murphy and Katja Rackin having become permanent members last year. Now prepared with some much anticipated live recordings, the trio are set to provide some absorbing lo-fi pop.


Comfortably Swell’s unexpected arrival at the latter end of this year may have surprised us, yet in the end it simply added to the amount of joy we took from the group’s first release. We knew how good Jack and Lily Wolter were creatively on their own, but the record showed us that when they work together, there is no limit to what they can achieve. A truely brilliant listen, we are so excited to bring the Brighton group down to Falmouth to hear how the record opens up in a live setting.


Another surprise gift that arrived almost hand in hand with Penelope Isle’s record, Tom Armstrong and Molly Martin really displayed growth, maturity and confidence on ‘II’, the latest EP from the duo. A dazzling combination of atmospheric progressions and startling melodies, the fact that the group are briging their music to the live setting is testament to their aspiring creative nature, something that is sure to come across as their music enraptures you.


Since we first heard the unmistakable growl of Samuel Bedford a couple of years ago, we’ve been positively swooned by his ability to write engaging and emotional music. In the release of a self-titled EP this year, Sam gave the Selfish Son moniker the full-band treatment it fully deserved, providing an all-together riveting combination of intensity and grandure that his music thrives in. For the first time, Sam will be stripping back these songs alone to create something even more personal.


Such development from a band can only warrant its plaudits, and what growth this group have made. Having played their first show at our First Birthday last year, the Falmouth Four-Piece delivered something exciting and prosperous, channelling this energy into their new EP which we can expect before the year is out. Scratchy Garage-Pop with all the fuzz left untouched.


Featuring members of The Red Cords, The Spankees and The Black Tambourines, Planet Jazz provide unorthodox punk that wishes it wasn’t so catchy. With all the right moves in all the right places, you can’t help but move your feet whilst really delving into the intruiging depth the group take in their melodic notions.


We’re so excited to be able to welcome an artist who over the past year has had us completely absorbed with her deeply moving and thought-provoking music. Constantly unpredictable, Olive creates enchanting and unprecented compositions that will really display their grandeur in a live setting.

Tickets will be available on the door at £6, we thoroughly suggest arriving at the time of doors (3:30PM) to avoid disappointment. 

For more information, please follow the link here to our Facebook event.

Viva La Fal.



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