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Across their first two EPs, the dick-dastardly trio from Falmouth cemented themselves as forerunners in emphatic garage-punk, filled with snotty attitude and a surprisingly laid-back melodic charm. With their upcoming third, ‘Vile Guy‘, and the release of it’s title-track, Charlie, Ry and Matt have returned sharper and with even more bite, whilst retaining everything that made us put posters of them up on our bedroom walls in the first place. 

An insistent closing track to the EP, ‘Vile Guy’, makes vehemence and negative perception sound so damn catchy. Ry Cleave’s now famous melodic bass-lines are imperative to this, making the need for bands to have second guitarists seem irrelevant as he glides around the bridge of the track. Murph’s guitar remains as cutting and incisive, preserving that bright, exuberant nature that bounces along for it’s three minute duration.

In making a few defined tweaks in their progression from the early EPs, The Cords seem in less of a hurry to leave – enjoying making the most of their snotty harmonies and short-but-oh-so-sweet instrumental builds. The sudden change of pace through to the chanted final calling displays the band’s ability to find harmony in controlled hooks and erratic tension.

Impassioned, Murph drawls out his potent statement, a contrasting mix of heated tone and careless freedom. “There’s going to be bad days / there might be bad times // you need to change your ways sometimes.” the band always put across a sense of ease, whether feeling positively or otherwise. Whether seen as someone needing to change or a dose of self-introspection, the group hit home with intent.

As punk as they come, but with all the elements to truly dig deep into your mind, ‘Vile Guy’ is The Red Cords’ declaration of intent. Like them or not, they won’t care, they are having too much fun doing this for it to even matter.

The Red Cords are set to play Wax Music’s Second Birthday on the 4th December. For more information, head here.

‘Vile Guy’ is out through Easy Action on 28th November.

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