Fake Turins’ disco psychedelia turns phosphorescent on latest single ‘Beatnik’

For most, the mention of a now-disbanded eleven-piece audio-visual collective formerly based in London warehouses would have an instant mystique to it. Take out any of those multi-syllabic descriptors and even still, you’d still be left with one of the most intriguing groups in contemporary music. Well, with disco-psychedelia aficionados Fake Turins, you’re getting all those hyphenated hooks and more.

Seasoned veterans of the festival circuit – making appearances at Manchester Psych Fest, Live At Leeds, Brighton’s Mutations Festival, and Rotterdam’s Left Of The Dial, amongst others – the exuberance and thrill surrounding Fake Turins is undeniable.  Both live and on record, their presence invigorates the body and compels it to move with hypnotic grooves and a seductive charm fit for adult movie soundtracks.

Sadly though, the short-lived band are calling it a day with one last EP to see them out. ‘Beatnik’, the second single from Inheritance, their upcoming swan song EP, is a flagship track for the band, easily the most memorable in any of their live sets. With burning guitar riffs and cyclic bass line coursing through, frontman Dominic Rose’s commanding presence manning the helm, and an assortment of synths, horns, and other flourishes adorning the track, the London collective present a truly formidable addition to their legacy.

Though it is always sad to see a band call it a day while in their seeming prime, it’s fitting that Fake Turins are going out on their terms. The confidence and charm of ‘Beatnik’ is a true and authentic representation of the band’s spirit and a gift to the many who had come to love the cult favourites.

Words: Varun Govil // Photo: Alfie Bungay

‘Beatnik’ is out now via Hideous Mink. Stream the track below. Fake Turins’ final ever show will be at Village Underground, London on June 8th – purchase tickets here.

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