Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard return howling with new single ‘Chew’

In a pop-dominated music industry, bands like Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are out there fighting against the curve. Their classic rock tinged stylings have earned them live slots besides artists such as Stereophonics and Tom Jones, and their debut album Backhand Deals was released last year to wide critical acclaim, including a spot on our own albums of the year list. No, just over twelve months later, the boys are back with new effort ‘Chew’, a departure of sorts, but one not too far from their core sound.

The track starts with distorted descending notes, before kicking into the main riff. It feels compact, until singer Tom Rees appears, breaking through the fuzz. The song is about Rees’ dog Norma, and from the lyrics this is blatantly obvious. It’s a fun track, buzzing with head-banging energy. Buzzard are clearly having fun, and when you know the subject matter, as well as the personality of the band itself, you can’t help but smile while listening. Drum fills and a bass solo come towards the end of the song, bringing a touch of The Who to the band’s already eclectic classic rock stylings, before a blistering solo rips though. The chorus isn’t quite on par with some from their album, but it’s still catchy enough to earn itself a final pass before the song concludes.

It has all the elements to make it a gimmicky song, but ‘Chew’ is far from a joke. Yes, it’s a song about a dog, but production-wise it’s a showcase into the direction the band is going, and musically it reinforces the band’s stance on rock music as a whole; that it doesn’t always need to be taken too seriously.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photo: Charlie Harris

‘Chew’ is out now via Communion. Stream or purchase the track here.

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