Reverberations of Sounds Past on Inger Nordvik’s ‘Echo’

To delve back into one’s roots for inspiration at a time where music is becoming more and more homogenised is becoming a rare but always special aptitude. Norwegian singer, writer, and composer Inger Nordvik has shown that she is fully embracing her homeland’s culture. Her previous work leading up to new album Hibernation contains elements of folk and classical works, melded together into approachable pop-tinged songs, and new single ‘Echo’ is no exception to this rule.

The song opens simply with Inger’s vocals, soft piano, and a crispy-clear double bass line. Her vocal floats over the instrumentation, following a melody that calls to mind the likes of Radiohead. It builds slowly until a drum beat kicks in, and Inger delivers a traditional sounding sing-along passage. Although it follows the verse melody, the call and response from the string section make it feel brand new. There’s a space provided for every instrument that give the track a warmth, but also an allure.

At around the three-quarter mark, the instrumentation ceases, allowing just Inger and the double bass to continue alone. The switch-up gives the song a freeform feel, slowly regaining structure as it builds back up to its conclusion. Acoustic guitars provide another layer of texture underneath the growing string section. The final note lingers, fading to feedback, allowing the listener a second to reflect on what they’ve heard.

Inger’s music traverses a fine line between pop balladry and folk finesse, mixing both with an accurate amount of subtlety and ingenuity. ‘Echo’ is another in a sequence of well crafted singles, and should leave fans of her music beyond excited for the full-length release.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photo: Charles Mignot

‘Echo’ is out now, with her album ‘Hibernation’ out on February 10th. Discover more of her music and see tour dates here.

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