Technology + Teamwork’s ‘Big Blue’ is a thumping disco statement

Sarah Jones and Anthony Silvester, best known as electronic duo Technology + Teamwork, have released their latest track, ‘Big Blue’, from their much anticipated debut album We Used To Be Friends. Having previously both been collaborators in the late 00s as members of XX Teens, T + T have released numerous singles under the new moniker, but it’s their latest offering that has fans excited for their long awaited debut album, and if latest single ‘Big Blue’ is anything to go by, it will be a disco strutting, modern hyperpop classic.  

The track opens with a thumping kick drum, swiftly followed by West Coast 60s influenced synthesizers that runs throughout the track repeating itself over and over again. One might think this could be monotonous, but Technology + Teamwork have a knack for creating songs that create tension and release with synthetic crescendos and multiple drum breaks, making sure the listener is engaged at all times and Big Blue is no exception to this.  

The duo’s voices are constantly warped and overlapping one another, creating contextual layers and hooks with multiple samples, resulting in a track that delivers a bucket-load of excitement. Citing pioneers of modular synthesis such as Suzanne Ciani, Daniel Miller and Don Buchla as their influences, ‘Big Blue’ certainly fits in the same bracket but with a contemporary twist, thanks to the use of modern technology. It’s precisely this use of technology that has created their band name as Silvester explains: Technology + Teamwork’s name perfectly describes how we work. Sometimes the teamwork is between each other and sometimes it’s between us and the technology.”

Big Blue is certainly a “bop” and it would be welcome on any night club dance floor. The track is very uplifting and provides a party atmosphere, which is perfect considering they have released their new single on Blue Monday. Coincidence? I think not. 

Words: Seamus Daley-Dee // Photo: Luke Atkinson

‘Big Blue’ is out now via Good Way Records, with debut album ‘We Used to Be Friends’ out March 17th. Listen to the track and pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

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