Grave Goods speak from the gut on ‘Come’

Grave Goods have released a new track, Come, which is both a celebration of the weird and an expression of Singer Lois Macdonad’s frustrations. Featuring members of PINS, Girls Names, and September Girls, this ‘supergroup’ cite influences from early post-punk and minimalist rock, set against ‘a lyrical backdrop of existential ennui’.

Singer Lois Macdonald said about the track: “I wanted to use the guitar in a percussive way, and I wanted the track to feel stressful and furious. I felt frustrated at the time and had so much to express. I wanted the lyrics to reflect all this, and to come from the gut. The best noise I could imagine for this is ‘ugh’, which I use towards the end – it represents frustration, disgust and sex.”

The track definitely expresses a kind of frustration, with guitars and drums always building up towards a resolution that never comes. The lyrics are delivered in an almost aggressive spoken word, leaving the listener to feel the frustration together with the performer.

Lois also made the music video, which stars four ‘pleasure demons’. The video perfectly illustrates the weird undertone of the song, while still boasting with energy and even anger. It also shows that Lois takes inspiration from almost anything she comes across, from movies such as Thelma And Louise as well as books she reads and made-up creatures. Knowing this makes listening to the song a whole new experience, one where every musical choice could have a double meaning, making each new listen different from the last.

Lyrically, the band’s debut album TUESDAY. NOTHING EXISTS., which is set to include the track ‘Come’, was inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea; exploring existential philosophy, and discussing how ‘everything is pointless so everything has complete meaning’.

‘Come’ is the perfect track to release some of your anger and feel less alone with it, not to mention that the music video is worth a watch too, just to see this creative imagination come to life. Plus, if you’re a fan of both Thelma And Louise and Jean-Paul Sartre, you might find that this song was made for you.

Words: Clara Bullock // Photo: Elle Brotherhood

‘Come’ is taken from Grave Goods’ forthcoming debut album, ‘TUESDAY. NOTHING EXISTS.’, out September 9th via TULLE. Pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

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