Slagheap deliver their bisexual-girl-summer anthem ‘Destination Boyfriend’

Slagheap has been described as an ‘anti-cheerleading squad’ – and this feels like a very apt description of the band, particularly concerning their new single ‘Destination Boyfriend’, which sounds as though it would be entirely at home on a riot grrrl playlist.

The track, at two and a half minutes, boasts clever lyrics about heteronormativity, and, of course, the subsequent (and inevitable) relinquishing of it. The track is upbeat and almost camp in its complete rejection of what young girls are told they ought to aspire to – it’s life-affirming, in this way. Additionally, the song, as well as its accompanying music video, are entirely removed from the male gaze – and from society’s sexualisation of female bisexuality, in particular. It’s refreshing, it sounds very real, and, for many young queer people, it will be highly relatable. It’s funny and well-written, with witty lyrics and a catchy sound – a light hearted song for the summer of 2022.

‘Destination Boyfriend’ is the first single from Slagheap’s upcoming EP Appetites, set to be released via Splurge Recordings on August 5th. It’s an excellent addition to Slagheap’s already solid discography – it fits in well alongside their most recent releases, ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Peckish’.

Words: Rosie Smith

‘Destination Boyfriend’ is out now. Stream and purchase the track via Bandcamp.

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