Drugdealer send you on a throwback high on ‘Madison’

In a decade of remakes, reimaginings, and reminiscing, very few artists or bands manage to capture the essence of what made the music of the past so timeless. Some of that status is due simply to time, and the craftsmanship of the songs, but it is true that there is a distinctive sound that permeates each decade. It is a sound that only some can recreate, and embrace, and Drugdealer manages to do both effortlessly.

New single ‘Madison’ – their first new song in three years – kicks off with a distinctive electric piano and drum beat. They harken back to the 70s instantly; somewhere between smooth soul and Woodstock. Frontman Michael Collins glides into the mix, soulfully crooning over the tight instrumentation. After a passage of stabbed chords, the chorus opens up with lush harmonies and acoustic guitar. The lyrics paint a picture of the mysterious Madison, a woman who Michael seems to both admire, and fear. It is simply written, but evocative.

‘Madison’ is a return to form for Drugdealer, after such a long period of silence. Its melding of modern production and soft 70s pop-rock makes it an instant catch, and melodically it’ll be stuck in your head immediately. Whenever their next full-length project drops, it’ll be worth a listen.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photo: Shags Chamberlain

‘Madison’ is out now via Mexican Summer. Stream or purchase the track via Bandcamp.

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