Jemima Coulter welcomes you into their world in debut single ‘SST’

From the collective mind of the band Hailaker, comes Bristol-based artist, Jemima Coulter with their debut solo single ‘SST’. It is safe to say that Coulter is well established within the music industry, having collaborated with the likes of renowned artists such as Squirrel Flower and Novo Amor. With their forthcoming album Grace After A Party set for release via Hand In Hive, this mellifluent single is merely a glimpse into Coulter’s artistic vision.

This endearing track follows the story of a protagonist who is delirious with fever and decides to join the circus in their haze. Within this narrative, the character is able to leave their old life having gained clarity from their illness. As described by Coulter, it is the classic “leaving home to achieve my dreams with nothing but a dime” storyline.

With sweet-toned melodies and vivacious percussion, this sound is something that is entirely their own. The velvety layered, vocals and their effortless delivery of “I’m the new Pierott” make the track instantly captivating. This combination of vocals and instrumentation builds a soundscape that is so beautifully mellow yet, infectiously joyful.

Coulter is a hidden gem that the world needs to hear. From their impressive back-catalogue with Hailaker to their highly anticipated debut album, we can see that Coulter is making big waves in the industry. This release has given us a brief insight into Jemima’s brilliant mind – something we’re eager to hear more of.

Words: Amber Jones // Photo: Christina Russell

‘SST’ is out now via Hand in Hive. Jemima’s debut album, ‘Grace After A Party’ is out July 29th. Stream the track and pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

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