Silkarmour will hypnotise you with new single ‘Folk’

Mysterious; eclectic; metamorphic. These are words you could easily use to describe Silkarmour’s career to date and this is especially true for new single ‘Folk’, a warping and hypnotic song. The man behind Silkarmour, London-based producer and musician, Enzo Samuel, has released an immersive music video to accompany the track, out today on Bristol-based independent record label Spinny Nights. 

‘Folk’ is a song that feels like it bends in and out of consciousness with every eight bars –  the bassline and the drums being the only things that stay constant throughout. The use of synths is particularly important for the warping sound as they build upon multiple layers and crescendo into a burst of energy towards the finale of the track. For a project known for its dense exploratory nature and mammoth recording sessions, there’s a certain precision to the way ‘Folk’ is composed, and once you hear the song, you can hear those textures come into play.

Heavily influenced by the Tokyo Noise documentary and Samuel’s notion of ‘the fashion of anonymity’, the ‘Folk’ video is comprised of stark and striking visuals, which when paired together with the track add up to conjure an intense audiovisual experience. The recurring image of balaclava/fencing mask-donning individuals adds to the mystique, something that Samuel notes is about subverting “the expectation that the face of who’s behind a creation matters”.

The four-piece Silkarmour ensemble have toured and supported the likes of PVA, HMLTD and Lynks. If you’re familiar with any of those acts, then you should definitely check out this new single. ‘Folk’ will soon be joined by two edits from Black Midi’s DJ Dairy and MM’99, which will be released April 18th

Words: Seamus Daley-Dee // Photo: Enzo Samuel

Silkarmour’s ‘Folk’ is out now via Spinny Nights. Purchase the track here and watch the video below.

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