Harvey Causon & Gabriel Gifford: Guest Selection

Harv & Gabe

In a new series for Wax Music, Guest Selection invites artists to divulge some of their favourite music of the moment. The first in the series comes from two of Bristol’s most exciting electronic artists in Harvey Causon & Gabriel Gifford. 

Harvey Causon is of the most distinctive voices to arrive on the scene in the last year. His vocal rings with as much rich clarity as it does pensive contemplation, his ability to almost roll off the end of a verse before capturing the most sumptuous of vocal lines for a concise chorus is bewildering and enrapturing.

Gabriel Gifford has also proved himself to be a sharp character, a consummate producer of liberal and wide-reaching music that resonates with a sense of emotion that is difficult to illicit, forming dexterous beats that don’t sit within one particular genre, developing a sense of idiosyncrasy that comes from years of passionate exploration.

So the announcement of their collaboration comes with a high sense of anticipation, an EP titled ‘Murphy’s Hand’ set to absorb the finest elements of both their styles and create something instrumentally powerful and personally vulnerable in equal measure. ‘Worn You‘ the first track to be shared from the pair, embodies these essential features, displaying a sense of progression for both musicians as they explore what they can achieve within this combination.

The sense of anxiety that bleeds through the track is impactful, highlighted by it’s pristine production. The piano here is the highlight, spritely and unexpected with each phrase as it bounces with undeniable beauty, embracing the space that it floats within. This is where both musicians show their strongest trait, their ability to occupy the right moment to a single second for maximum impact breeds within ‘Worn You’, an embracive first single for the duo.

To mark the release of their new single, Causon & Gifford have partaken in the very first Guest Selection, disclosing some of their favourite music at this current time and in doing so showing their shared eclectic tastes. What’s particularly noticeable here is the way in which the mix seamlessly weaves itself together, the African funk experimentalism of Pasteur Lappe immersing wonderfully with the harsher, rawer tone of Tommy Genesis and the weighty emotional electronica of Photay. It’s a fantastic introduction to the new series, and you can listen below on Wax Music.

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