Sports Team Properly Introduce Themselves With ‘Stanton’

Sports Team

It may surprise those that don’t keep their eyes and ears completely to the ground when it comes to the goings on in the London music scene that ‘Stanton‘, this unrefined, assured new track from Sports Team, is actually their very first single. They’ve been ruthlessly letting loose live across the capital for quite the while now, and it shows it was worth it when it comes to their recorded output, ‘Stanton‘ a loose, fizzing single that channels their audacious live performance into a commanding introduction with an engaging depth to it’s liberated leanings.

Drawing in with a gritty, almost slinking hook of guitar, Sports Team don’t sit still for a single moment as soon as the single commences, a seamless transgression in pace immediately notable and indicative of their subtle desires to keep things interesting while making it seem effortless. Authoritative vocalist Alex Rice towers over the riffing blues that are gradually letting loose amongst him, lingering with a haunting demeanour and exasperated condition as he deduces the industrial heaviness of city living, revelling within half mournful truth and the rest tongue-in-cheek discrepancy, delightfully enrapt and veering within the pivotal atmosphere that they form.

An excellent and adaptable lead from an exciting group, Sports Team direct themselves with conviction and intensity in equal measure.



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