Thee Oh sees have announced the release of their seventeenth album ‘ A Weird Exits‘. The album follows last year’s ‘Mutilator Defeated At Last’, and is set for release on Castle Face Records on 12th August. To accompany the album news, John Dwyer and co have shared the first track from the album in the gripping psych of ‘Plastic Plant’.

As crazy as it sounds considering the depth of their discography, this is possibly the most prolific the group have been over the course of their career. Very quickly following up the excellent ‘Mutilator..‘ With not just a new studio record but a double-live album shows the consistent work Dwyer and the ever changing group behind him put in, and a credit to the quality of what they produce.

Plastic Plant‘ is a fitting bridge to suitably segue from past into present. Possessing an effective melody under the thick garage-psych of which they’ve made their own, eerieness is met by a brighter, almost glam strut that allows Dwyer to be the devil on the shoulder of the listener. It delivers with a punch, the solo reaching stadium-sized atmosphere that shows that after nearly twenty years the group are still developing and evolving into something even more.

The group’s cult-like status belies them, this is a huge sound that warrants appreciation from more than just the die-hard enthusiasts. Thee Oh Sees have always brought their A game when it comes to album openers, and ‘Plastic Plant‘ may just be their most compelling yet.

Thee Oh Sees are set to head to the UK for a short tour in September, with support from The Blind Shake and Magnetix. See the dates below and listen to ‘Plastic Planthere.

2nd September – London, United Kingdom – Coronet

3rd September – Leeds, United Kingdom – University Stylus

4th September – Dorset, United Kingdom – End of the Road Festival



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