Planet Jazz, Falmouth’s finest supergroup of mismatched compadrés are preparing for the release of their first EP ‘Thank You For Having Me‘ with the release of another track – the hipshaking despondency of ‘New To Try‘.

We return to Murph, bored in his room and the girl of his dreams not even knowing his name. As bad as it sounds it’s exactly where we want him to be, as there’s no one that can really make better power pop.

While he is beat over the girl not knowing he exists, he can’t help but envigorate with the most rock n roll of hooks (including the coolest key change this side of ‘Pet Sounds‘) and his trademark coos making us weak at the knees.

Two tracks in and ‘Thank You For Having Me‘ is already lining up to be the tape to soundtrack our heartbreaking summers, proving that Murph and co truly have a way of reminding us that sometimes it’s ok to be a fuckhead with nothing new to try.

Thank You For Having Me‘ is available next Monday (6th June) from Nerve Centre Records. ‘New to Try‘ is premiering now on Wax Music – listen below.


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