The latest EP / double single by DC via Athens trio Julian is bright, thoughtful, short and sweet. It sails by like an affecting short film, perhaps not fully realised but consisting of a direct feeling that is laid out honestly.

Slow Approach‘, out now via Apollonian Sound, is Julia, Andi and Cherrie’s second release as Julian after September’s vibrant DIY debut EP ‘Smush‘. Lead track ‘Leaving For Now‘ – which begins with steady lyrical and instrumental meditations “Dreamt of being alone again // dreamt of being alone again..” – slowly evolves and unpicks more personal convictions.

Calmly decanting their collated thoughts, singer Julia Leiby starts by discussing what they’ve been eating and drinking, only to then progress to a more confessional state: “I can’t get you off my mind, I’m glad you’re leaving me behind.” The track plays out, repeating the same set of lines delivered in the same manner, with only Cherrie Yu’s thudding bass and Leiby’s chiming guitar increasing their fuzz and depth.

The simplicity and repetition of ‘Leaving For Now‘ by no means weakens the overall effect of the song. The listener can actually grasp the experience with ease, quickly becoming glued to the forthcoming fractured existence that lingers in the goodbye. As the first line of the song teases – “dreamt of being alone again” – the listener is left wondering if this isolation is a very astute premonition or just a dream after all.

The band, that confess to being “Friends first, band second and living room 4ever“, will be playing a very special house show at 143 T St NW, in Washington DC on May 26th with Free Cake For Every Creature. Don’t miss it!

Words: Theo Lloyd-Hughes

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