Lumpy & The Dumpers have been killing time making the most outrageously unkempt punk rock for years now, for so long now that you could almost call them a band. With them about to head out on a tour of AUSTRALIA (devil help them) the band have shared a track from new record, ‘Huff My Sack‘.

Numbing Agent‘ is non-stop, belligerent and damn does it feel good. Martin ‘Lumpy’ Meyer’s throat has reached a point where it can’t not sound wretched and exasperated, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The band exhibit everything free about playing in a fucked up punk rock band – and the ozzies don’t know what’s about to hit them. While it sounds like it’s being fed through a bleeding radiator, the band’s gutter-punk rhythmic attention is the most effective around, and ‘Numbing Agent‘ weirdly couldn’t be more liberating if it tried.

Lumpy & The Dumpers‘ ‘Huff My Sack‘ is out on the 12th May through Australian label Anti-Fade. Listen to ‘Numbing Agent‘ below.


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