Evans The Death have shared details of their third LP ‘Vanilla’, set for release in June. 

With Rory Atwell behind the production duties, the band have described the record as being “an accurate reproduction of the original source” – so we can look forward to a vital and intense record from the group formed of brothers Dan and Olly Moss and singer Katherine Whitaker, who are now also joined for the first time on record by James Burkitt and Daniel Raphael.

The group have shared the first track from the LP, ‘Haunted Wheelchair‘ – a fitting sign of the live, caustic approach the band have taken with this record. The manner in which the track courses through – considered static one moment, furious melody the next – brims with unkempt creativity, Whitaker screaming “I know exactly where I want to be” and you can relate that to where the group are themselves, full of life and a penchant to try something different each time.

‘Vanilla‘ is set for release on the 10th June through Fortuna Pop! – Listen to ‘Haunted Wheelchair’ below.



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