Murph & The Gazorpos, the solo work of The Red Cords’ Charlie Murphy, have released their first EP ‘All Night’ today through Murphy’s own label Nerve Centre Records. 

The EP includes the single ‘No Reply’ along with three fresh cuts from the Falmouth man, who ventures out on his own for the first time; ” ‘All Night’ is made up of four stellar solo cuts that will have your hips jiving and repressed youth screaming, as Murph ploughs through 8 minutes of hands aloft Power Pop.”

The EP is available now from Nerve Centre Records bandcamp, and is streaming here at Wax Music, scroll down to listen below.

The Falmouth independent label had this to say about their first release;

“What started off from young Charlie drawing cartoons of Dick Dale and logos from The Modern Lovers has vitally progressed into two minute, foot tapping, unrequited love songs. It’s all about the sickness of waiting for the phone to ring and the damn nostalgia of sitting alone with the light off creeping in like a sickness.

Other notable influences would be all your favourite punks that have set off into the sunset of adulthood and death, messrs Orbison & Lowe, Wilson & Holly. Long live Good Vibrations.”



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