This is Garage Rock.

Brown Brogues are Mark Vernon and Ben Mather, born out of Manchester with a distortion pedal and a darkly sardonic wit. They’ve left their mark on the DIY scene within the Greater County with their penchant for visceral, blues-inladen material that will either make you want to shuffle or throw beer.

Formed in 2010 and not stopped since, the duo have just announced their next EP, ‘Zoloto‘, ‘Shit In Your Eye‘ being the first taste of the sessions recorded with Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys), who gives the recording everything it needs. Compared to numbers on their LP, ‘Triflin'”, which in itself is 10 tracks of smog-inhaled Garage-blues, everything remains which needs to, and it’s fed that little bit more.

The splashes of psych over the top of Vernon’s riffs is mysterious and alluring, his vocal much the same, although lyrically and sonically it still packs that brass-knuck punch. The rhythm holds you in a hypnotic trance, building on an already┬ásinister layer of garage that John Dywer may adhere to. Their preferences may float in chilling waters, but it’s prising us in deeper. They still have that jive that will make you feel cool if you dance to it, and although they may not show it, they know it too.

‘Zoloto’ will be released on Record Store Day (19th April) via Stolen Body Records, a Bristol independent which has recently released some excellent records in the Garage and Psychedelic vein.




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