The Sky of All Places

First listen to Bristol four-piece Spectres‘ new track would suggest they are of a brooding and foreboding disposition, you wouldn’t be far off.

The alternative-rock band consist of Joe Hatt, Darren Frost, Adrian Dutt and Andy Came. Hatt and Dutt you may know as the duo behind Bristol independent Howling Owl Records, from which Spectres have released their output.

This single, to be released via London Label Too Pure‘s Singles Club, is the first taste we have received of the band’s debut album, confirmed as written and completed, awaiting release.

It’s an even darker and menacing piece of work in comparison to their 2013 EP Hunger. I continues in the vein of creating sonically expansive noise, even adding a sprinkle of psychedelia to it’s droning valves. Hatt’s vocal delivery on the EP completely conflicted as he laid soothing murmurs over the body of destruction, ‘The Sky of All Places’ extracts extra grit and gruff from Hatt’s throaty bellow, still in an indistinct murmur like they are unwilling to give away all their secrets. They are a complex enigma to listen to.

The track is a double-A side to ‘Sooky Eyeball’, 3 minutes that crashes through the auricular wall with pulsating effect, a hint of melody slithering out from the cracks as it progresses.

Spectres’ exorcise the early 90s, a mix of relaying buzz of flange and reverb an unashamed paean to Shoegaze, while their darker characteristics hint at an influence from the 90s American Alternative Rock scene.

A commanding listen from the Bristol quartet.

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