Heartworms makes a dark and dancey return with ‘May I Comply’

The fiercely acclaimed Heartworms has made her anticipated return with new single ‘May I Comply’. Following on from last year’s well-received EP A Comforting Notion, Heartworms creator Jojo Orme has created buzz with her monochrome breed of gothic post-punk. Arriving as the full package, with stark aesthetics to compliment a brooding and anxious sound, the project’s imagery is a deep reflection of the person behind it. Influences range from Orme’s love of military history and the classic poets, to the meticulous fashions of Interpol and Kraftwerk. This manifests itself as powerfully disconcerting display of theatre, evident in the infecting stares and use of the Therimin that Orme is known for on stage.  

She has said: “When I wrote this track I just wanted to get over an ex and to tell my little brother he’s good enough… turned out to be a lot darker than I thought.” Produced by Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey, ‘May I Comply’ uses a more direct, post-punk sound using bright bass and spidery guitar work to set an unnerving groove. Though more danceable than ‘A Comforting Notion’, the atmosphere is still visceral and dark. An urgent energy propels the track between its heady builds and infectious verses. Orme wraps herself in this energy in the accompanying video directed by Gilbert Trejo. Moving like woman possessed, Trejo and Orme present a collage of gothic expression that is both stirring and alluring.  

The result is a clear display of confidence what Orme is looking to express as her punchy, freshly charged sound expels the staler tropes of disgruntled post-punk. Building towards her biggest ever headline show at Village Underground on November 21st , Heartworms is carving a lane for herself that is bold, honest and uncompromising.

Words: Dan Webster // Photo: Gilbert Trejo

‘May I Comply’ is out now via Speedy Wunderground. Stream or download the track here.

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