The New Eves introduce their stirring folk with debut single ‘Original Sin’

As the newest additions to the Slow Dance Records and Broadside Hacks Recordings roster, Brighton’s The New Eves are sharing their debut single ‘Original Sin’. Coming paired with the dark and brooding cut ’Mother’, the track is an expressive amalgamation of garage rock, folk and whimsy psych-pop. A restless vocal delivery yelps and jolts declarations that echo some Tom Verlaine-isms and cut through the backing group harmonies. The quartet bring a theatrical, punky attitude that acts a natural stage for the evocative lyricism covering extremes of nature, beasts, and power in womanhood. As they themselves explain: “The band is fighting a biblical battle between shame and pleasure, body and mind, good and evil. The lyrics are poetic and unapologetic”. These dichotomous themes of temptation, hell and sin serve to shroud the twee-ness of the track, all converging in an exalted conclusion.   

To accompany the single, the band have released a music video that follows members as they make a Ready Steady Go! style TV appearance before playing at their own picnic. The video’s tone is consistent with the track – joyous, but carrying a slightly sinister undertone as the group frolic their way through fields and feast on a variety of earthly delights.

Though newcomers, the group established itself in 2021 and have been using the time since to hone their nuanced and vivid sound with shows supporting the likes of Opus Kink, Junior Brother and Widowspeak. Having cut their teeth within Brighton’s DIY scene, the New Eves operate with a communal bond. Characterised by heavily collaborative writing and pagan aesthetics, the band are currently making appearances under the Broadside Hacks umbrella and looks set to thrive in the increasingly vibrant folk scene in London.

Words: Dan Webster // Photo: Hugo Winder-Lind

The double single ‘Original Sin/Mother’ is out now via Slow Dance Records and Broadside Hacks Recordings. Stream and purchase both tracks here.

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