Saloon Dion’s debut EP ‘Muckers’ is music to go wild to

Bristol supergroup Saloon Dion have released their debut EP Muckers, after having made a name for themselves touring the UK and playing SXSW. 

Being known for energetic and powerful live shows, the EP sees the band channel this energy to create a well-rounded debut, taking inspiration from hardcore bands such as Fugazi and Title Fight as well as 90s post-Britpop.

The EP’s lead single ‘Heaven Sent’ is dedicated to the lead singer’s nan, who had to spend some time in hospital after a serious fall. The band say it explores “the feeling that comes when things are out of our control, and how it can feel like there is no point going on when everything’s stacked against you”. This, alongside previous singles ‘I Don’t Feel’ and ‘Happiness’ and other new track ‘You Want More’ showcases everything the band have worked towards perfecting in their live set and distils it in one short, sharp burst of fun.

The EP perfectly captures the band’s energetic live performances, their unmatched energy and DIY attitude. Listening to them feels like spending time with your mates down at the pub, talking about everything from politics, to family and fun times. Bursting with distorted guitars, the odd cowbell and vocal hooks, it’s music to go wild to. Only to then be brought back to earth, like coming home from a night out with your mates to a quiet flat and some pot noodles.

Words: Clara Bullock // Photo: Felix Bartlett

‘Muckers’ is out now via the band’s own label, Mucker Records. Stream and purchase a copy via Bandcamp.

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