Sam Akpro’s ‘Trace’ will send you into an unforgettable trance

Elements of alternative and funk music have always proven to go hand in hand when making diverse and unique music, and it’s easy to see why Sam Akpro has become one such artist worth watching. The Peckham-born artist has seen success over the past few years, his debut EP Drift gaining recognising for its well-written lyricism and interesting production. His fusions of neo-soul, funk, and alternative rock have already proven intriguing, and with the announcement of his new EP, Arrival, it makes new single ‘Trace’ all the more exciting, for new and existing fans alike.

The track kicks off with reverberated feedback, allowing the bass and drums to hit harder as they enter. The beat changes with every second bar, not allowing the listener to get too comfortable with the rhythm. Sam’s vocals ride on a wave of reverb, some passages reminiscent of Radiohead, as they contract in and out of the phrasing. Despite its off-kilter appearance, ‘Trace’ weaves a hypnotic narrative, the lyrics reflecting on the repetition between the waking day and dreams. The groove remains ever-present, while loops of feedback create an entrancing atmosphere, fading out into nothing. 

The trippy, AI-generated-looking music video accompany the music incredibly well, adding to the sense of atmosphere, and the point between dreams and reality. If Sam’s new EP Arrival continues down this path, then a truly interesting narrative will be woven. An exciting song from an exciting new artist.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photos: Holly Whitaker

‘Trace’ is out now, taken from forthcoming EP ‘Arrival’ out April 12th via Fair Youth. Stream and purchase the track via Bandcamp.

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