lilo’s ‘Just a Thought’ spotlights the dilemma of unconditional love

lilo have recently secured their place among the best in emerging indie-folk, with the plaudits received for last year’s Sleep Country EP being testament to their knack for intimate and tender arrangements. The band have since been expanding their soundscapes with the pristine, full-band sound of follow-up single ‘Settled’, courtesy of Dalliance Recordings.

This brings us to ‘Just a Thought’. Much of the duo (Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon)’s output focuses on the panic, anxiety and love of twenty-somethings – this release being no different. The band have explained how the track addresses the relationships that can only be seen as doomed from an outsider’s perspective.

The focus is being torn between advising against a friend’s relationship with someone no good for them, and realising that in confronting them, there is a chance they may choose their partner over you. “There is frustration, ever fear, but it mixed with a certain acceptance: it is their hill to die on, not yours”. This feeling of restraint is found in both the lyrics as sound, as the tracks sometimes spare and pulled-back instrumental carries an achingly sombre atmosphere. Distant drums and soaring guitar lines compliment the feeling helpless dilemma, as lyrics are delivered in shimmering vocal harmony.

Deciding whether or not to intervene seems suffocating, as it of course comes from a place of love. But ultimately it is out of your hands, and all that can be done is to ensure you are there if eventually needed.

“I love you unconditionally, and I will still be here whether or not you come to your senses.”

lilo’s tender and sincere blends of folk, pop and 90s alt-rock leave us wanting more, as they move towards the release of a second EP this spring.

Words: Dan Webster // Photo: Katie Silvester

‘Just a Thought’ is out now via Dalliance Recordings. Check out the rest of their discography via Bandcamp.

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