ĠENN boil over on ‘Rohmeresse’

It’s the spookiest time of year, so there’s no better time to talk about the haunting new track from Brighton four-piece ĠENN, ‘Rohmeresse’, the first track from the sisterhood of Anglo-Maltese psychedelic post-punks since 2021’s EP Liminal. Their debut EP is a furious and heady mix of contemplation and enormous groove, and this proprietary cocktail is further shaken on ‘Rohmeresse’.

It’s served with a twist, though. ĠENN’s commanding bassline returns, but its stirring power has doubled since Liminal. It’s as funky as ever, no doubt, but on this outing has acquired a sleazy moodiness that oozes darkly underneath the track’s massive guitars. These are truly colossal, and with their haunting modality they sound like they’re being captured from the ambience of a ruined cathedral – partially-collapsed roof, puddles by the pulpit, wind squeaking through smashed and rusting organ pipes, the works. ĠENN take their name from the Maltese word for “craziness” and this is on full display as the track enters its wild climax – frenzied saxophone joining the party, proceedings slowed to half-time to better dwell in the crushing catharsis.

‘Rohmeresse’ is cinematic in more ways than one, not least in the name paying homage to French director Éric Rohmer, and deftly communicates a particular modern sense of dissociation – the often elastic gulf between productivity and self-actualisation that can so frequently depress and overwhelm. This friction underlined in the track’s repeated gang-vocals, this frustration the fuel in the engine of purgation the track becomes by its end. 

With the band moving in this frenetic direction it’s no wonder they’re on tour with the ever-formidable Pussy Riot for their UK dates this autumn. Deliver yourself from the demons of mundanity and get involved.

Words: Ed Hambly // Photo: Jordan Core

‘Rohmeresse’ is out now via Singing Light. Stream and purhcase the track via Bandcamp.

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