Langkamer detail the highs and lows of life on the road on ‘Total Motion’

“Total motion, I’ve been on the move // Got nowhere left to go, got nothing left to prove” – the hook of Langkamer’s new track, ‘Total Motion’ (featuring Willie J Healey) seems to perfectly capture the lassitude of life as an up-and-coming band on tour. Though Josh Jarman’s lyrics may seem melancholy, they’re not self-indulgent or self-commiserating in any way – they’re almost matter-of-fact, and entirely truthful about the highs and lows of life on the road. In Jarman’s own words, he aimed to express the experience of the long drives, the listlessness, the exhaustion that comes along with touring; the band achieves this, and more, in just over two minutes.

Though the majority of Langkamer’s listeners will likely not have experienced living their lives on the road for extended periods of time, it doesn’t seem to matter. The song is emotive in this way, and will make people feel as though they have had this experience. In essence, the track finds its strength in sounding nostalgic, somehow, without ever sounding overly sad; it’s expressive and catchy, and feels like an anthem for those still clinging to the last rays of summer, in the somewhat bleak winter months – it’s dreamy and hazy, and a brilliant addition to Langkamer’s already pristine discography.

Willie J Healey’s additional vocals are, of course, exceptional; his harmonies seem to highlight the meaning behind the lyrics – they make them seem more universal, like the experience the lyrics attempt to capture is not just specific to the band, but to all artists that embark on long tours. If you’re already a fan of Langkamer or Willie’s solo works, then ‘Total Motion’ will undoubtedly do it for you, and if they’re new to you, then absolutely check it out.

Words: Rosie Smith // Photo: AJ Stark

‘Total Motion’ (featuring Willie J Healey) is the lead single from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Red Threat Route’, which is being released via Breakfast Records on November 30th.

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