Civil Partnership’s new single ‘Saltaire’ brings up feelings of nostalgia

Self-proclaimed audio-visual arts collective Civil Partnership have released their second single ‘Saltaire’, a post-punk track inspired by minimalism and French film maker Robert Bresson. Following their release ‘Good Morning Britain’ earlier this year, ‘Saltaire’ is less broody but similarly experimental. 

Civil Partnership say the track “explores the richness, colour and ambivalence of memories, ideas and ideals of ‘place’”. Guitarist William Lovell explains: “Saltaire is one such place in my life; I’ve only been a handful of times, but every time I’m back there I’m reminded of how my life was in the past, with all the emotions that go with that. It was important to me to communicate that emotional overload in the music.”

The music is indeed emotional, featuring moody guitars that give the track an uneasy undertone over which the group layer soft, temperamental vocals. The track conjures up feelings of nostalgia, and while the listener might not have memories of Saltaire, the song still stirs up memories of home.

Co-lyricist Jack George Smith says he was having a Robert Bresson phase and got really into ‘economy of means’ when they were writing the song. “I remember feeling interested in extending those ideas into minimalist arrangements, which feels ironic now because ‘Saltaire’ is definitely one of our more ‘extra’ recordings.”

Next to Civil Partnership’s previous releases, Saltaire fits in perfectly as another great track combining anxious, moody sounds with stories and inspiration from unlikely places (Robert Bresson isn’t cited too often as song inspiration). As we begin to move into autumn, tracks like ‘Saltaire’ will set the perfect mood.

Words: Clara Bullock // Photo: Julia Kobak

‘Saltaire’ is out now. Stream the track below.

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