Alice Low shines bright on ‘Sodomizer’

Triskel Award winning artist Alice Low’s new single, ‘Sodomizer’, sounds almost like an amalgamation of every track Prince ever put out – with, if anything, slightly more brazen lyrics. The song, with its funk-inspired beat, alongside the accompanying music video and its bright lights and neon colours, would not seem out of place if you were to switch on MTV in 1985. The whole thing seems to harken back to what many believe was the golden age of pop music, and would, undoubtedly, find its way onto an ‘old but gold’ playlist if it were really released back then.

As well as being, overall, a fun song to listen to, ‘Sodomizer’ sends an excellent message regarding issues that transgender people – and transgender women, particularly – face. Alice Low herself says that, at its core, ‘Sodomizer’ is a retaliation against transphobes and homophobes who reduce her identity to sex and violence, and would rather not see people like her in any position of power – or with any cultural influence. 

It’s also an excellent accompaniment to Alice Low’s other work, including her most recent single, ‘Rim Job’, and 2021’s ‘Ladydaddy’ – her most popular song, clocking in at fourteen explosive minutes. ‘Sodomizer’ feels like catchy, colourful, clever revenge against the dissenters, and a powerful sign of what’s to come.

Words: Rosie Smith // Photo: Bethan Miller

‘Sodomizer’ is out now via Clwb Music. Stream or purchase the track here.

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