Two Day Coma deliver a joyful gloom with new single ‘Thanks A Lot’

A playful sound, gloomy lyrics and a knack for DIY recording, Two Day Coma have just released their new single ‘Thanks a Lot,’ a great early addition to your 2022 summer playlist. The new song follows on from their latest EP release from November 2021, Delete.

If there is one thing we’ve come to admire about this band, it’s their relentless hard work ethic – they never seem to stop. With 33 tracks produced in the last three years, all available on their Soundcloud, they’re either playing a show one week or recording their next song the following week. 

‘Thanks a Lot’ is an indie-pop track that starts with a solid drum groove and bright glistening lead lines. Frontman, Tom, then delivers the first lyrics which take the song down an unexpected turn, but once that catchy chorus comes in you hear the Two Day Coma that some of you may well have become accustomed to. It’s a joyous track, and one that’s very enjoyable despite Tom’s dejected lyrics providing a great vocal contrast to the music.  

Having had the pleasure of catching Two Day Coma live last year, it still lives rent free in our heads to this day due to the uplifting nature of the show, and the fact that Two Day Coma played a blinding set in spite of having only just returned to seated shows. With a great emotive statement to their music, they certainly deliver on the signature sound they’ve become known for and continue to impress amongst their peers.

Words: Seamus Daley-Dee // Photo: Seren Carys

‘Thanks A Lot’ is out now. Stream the track below.

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