Melotone discuss the relationship between artist and audience in ‘Dances on Tableaus’

Melotone are a psych-jazz band from the Black Country, drawing inspiration from 60s psychedelia, specifically the jazz-infused Tropicalia movement, reminiscent of the Alabama Shakes, Jeff Buckley and Gal Costa.

‘Dances On Tableaus’ is a debut track emerging from a place of vulnerability, which addresses the tension that can exist between artists and their audiences. The lyrics centre around themes of self-observation, which shows in raw and exposing lines such as “are you with me now / in the middle of my aching soul?”

Vocalist Alec Madeley says about his inspiration for the track: “It’s really a reactionary piece to a hectic week of live shows back in Autumn 2021, which addresses the reality of sometimes feeling as if you haven’t been truly heard by the crowds that you’ve been playing to all week.”

Melotone say that their music is ‘always intangible, always vague and free flowing’, and listening to this offering, it’s easy to see where they are coming from. The track takes the listener on an almost meditative journey, allowing space for personal thoughts and feelings to creep in, each listen a reflection of the current mood. ‘Dances on Tableaus’ is a display of raw emotion and vulnerability, and while it brings up questions around self perception and putting yourself out there, it also soothes and draws the audience closer to the artist.

Words: Clara Bullock // Photo: Amber Walters

‘Dances on Tableaus’ is out now via underfoot. Stream the track here.

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