Donna Thompson touches on self-love and community on ‘Matchstick’

A masterful fusion of jazz and R&B, Donna Thompson’s new track ‘Matchstick’ raises themes of strength found in self-love and community. The track authentically describes Donna’s journey of self-discovery, from starting out at the bottom to finding contentment in the everyday, and finally being grateful for her life.

“I’ve had to sing for my supper. The fact that I’ve even made it to this point is really a surprise to me but it’s where I’ve wanted to be for a long time,” Donna says. “I’ve found love, a home, friends and my passion for music is growing every day.”

Having worked alongside an ensemble cast of musicians including cellist Hannah Miller and Alabaster DePlume on saxophone, Donna recorded a majority of the vocals in her bedroom – a place where she feels safe. “Being safe means being able to be vulnerable…but I try to leave myself open to ideas to flow through my mind at any time in any place.”

Weaving together poetic spoken word with soulful melodies, ‘Matchstick’ is a convincing account of the kind of struggles a lot of us face during our lives, and still celebrating the good days we will have, perfectly articulated by lyrics such as “some days it’s like fuck this shit in every way on every level / some days it’s just glorious innit / and I choose to revel in the light”.

Words: Clara Bullock

‘Matchstick’ is out now, taken from Donna’s forthcoming EP out July 22nd via PRAH. Stream and pre-order the EP via Bandcamp.

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