Saint Kochi’s ‘Almost Lost’ is a breezy indie gem

Crafting compelling dream-pop is no easy feat. Striking a balance between emotive, atmospheric riffs, and lofty tones can be difficult, with some songs sounding lifeless, and dull. ‘Almost Lost’ is that perfect balance. Based in East London, Saint Kochi has already seen widespread interest, his self-titled debut EP garnering support from BBC Introducing, and Radio 1. His latest single is a continuation, and improvement, on what he teased last year.

The lush strings, and heavenly guitar that open ‘Almost Lost’ meld beautifully with Kochi’s breathy vocals. As the keys and drums come in, you get the sense of being lost in someone’s daydream; sun on your face, cold drink in your hand. It’s a summer vibe that permeates the track, drawing you in. He sings of ‘walking like a supermodel’, and urges the focus of his swooning to ‘come out and play’. The great imagery allows you to picture yourself in their shoes. 

When the chorus hits, so does the intensity of the singing. Kochi’s vocals crackle under the reverb and distortion, adding another level to the mix that is wonderfully balanced, and rich. The second half of the song takes a slightly darker tone. It builds slowly, as the string return and acoustic guitars take control of the track. It runs to a climatic finish of samples and distortion, before slowly tampering out, as though the machine that is this song has been switched off. 

Saint Kochi’s first taste of his second EP is sweet and flavourful, mixing the luscious grooves of Tame Impala, with a hint of John Williams in his string arrangements. It will undoubtedly be one of the better releases this summer, if the sentiments presented by this track are carried on throughout. ‘Almost Lost’ is a dynamic, engaging track, and should be on everyone’s radar.

Words: Ryan Bulbeck // Photo: Sam Hiscox

‘Almost Lost’ is out now. Stream and purchase the track here.

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